Meet the Extraordinary Wine Producer!

Eugene Meyer – Founder and CEO

Belize’s lush tropical paradise captivated me many years ago when I settled on a large farm in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. The tranquil beauty, nutrient rich soil, abundant rain, and sunshine inspired me to plant many varieties of tropical fruit. My career as a chemist and fermenter provided the necessary knowledge to turn the plethora of fruit into organic fruit wine, using natural wine making techniques. I was enamored by the powerful flavors and aromas of the fresh fruit and knew that there were so many delicious possibilities waiting to be created.

Why Thirsty Jagwar?

After a magical experience with a beautiful and majestic jaguar at the Belize Zoo, and realizing they roam free in the Maya Mountains where much of the fruit is grown, the ‘Jagwar’ logo began to take shape. The ‘Thirsty’ part evolved as I found that the refreshing fruit wine quenched thirsts from the warm Belizean sun!

My passion went from making wine for myself, sharing it with friends, to bottling it for others to enjoy. As the feedback came in, I knew my organic fruit wines had to go to the next level and Thirsty Jagwar was born!

The Journey so Far

It has become apparent that I love making wine! When someone ‘takes a sip’ of Thirsty Jagwar’s fruit wine, and their emotion blossoms into a smile that radiates out, I realize that I am not selling wine, I am providing an experience, an emotion of happiness and joy which I see on their faces. It is very rewarding.